Circular economy in the built environment

Resource scarcity is one of the biggest challenges in the next decades, and Circular Economy is an important concept in driving the sustainability agenda. To develop and implement the concept within the building industry, the Ramboll Foundation is looking for talented researchers with a proven track record in providing significant research results in one or more of these topics:

  • Development of tools and methodologies for science-based approaches to Life Cycle Analyses and resource efficiency in the built environment
  • Optimisation of resource efficiency when designing load bearing structures
  • Development of ‘design for deconstruction’
  • Improvement adaptability and durability of buildings
  • Analysing barriers, new business models, value chains and value creation

June 9, 2020, former CEO for Ramboll Flemming Bligaard Pedersen stepped down as chair for the Ramboll Foundation. To honour Flemming Bligaard’s accomplishments in his 44 years of serving Ramboll and the Ramboll Foundation, a 65,000 Euros award is made available for an outstanding early-career researcher whose work represents extraordinary contributions to sustainable development.

The first award will be given in November 2020. This year, the award funds are earmarked a researcher working with Circular Economy in the built environment.

The ambition behind the Flemming Bligaard Award is to uncover new knowledge with emphasis on bright ideas, and applicable sustainable solutions providing knowledge to people and society. The award pays tribute to Flemming Bligaard as a leader who epitomises both technical excellence and a deep rooted, value-based human approach, in continuation of Børge Rambøll and Johan Hannemann, Ramboll’s original founders.