Søren Staugaard Nielsen

Robert Arpe, chairman of the board of the Ramboll Foundation, says about the appointment:

“With Søren Staugaard Nielsen, we get an ambitious and strong leader to front the Ramboll Foundation secretariat, and a leader who will create the right framework for the foundation's future work as an active owner of one of Europe's largest consultancies. After many years in Ramboll, and as part of the top management in Denmark, Søren Staugaard Nielsen has a deep understanding of the values and the special sense of community that form Ramboll's DNA. He is therefore the right person to ensure that the Ramboll Foundation remains an active and committed owner of a Ramboll Group that continues to operate in accordance with the values that have shaped the successful company so far.”

This is the first time that the Ramboll Foundation has a managing director and a secretariat. The day-to-day management and operation have so far been handled by the Foundation Board, which consists of current and former employees.

On his new job, Søren Staugaard Nielsen says:

“After 24 years in Ramboll, I am still deeply inspired by the company's convincing mission and commitment to the development of society, which is based on a sincere desire to shape society towards a more sustainable future. It is with a mixture of humility and enthusiasm that I now take the helm of the business owner. Ramboll is facing an exciting time with ambitions for even greater growth internationally. I am very much looking forward to working with the Foundation Board to develop the ownership, and to think long-term together with Ramboll, as well as ensure that we continue to be an owner on behalf of the employees both in word and deed”.

Søren Staugaard Nielsen, 51, is a lawyer and most recently came from a position as the Danish Country Market Director for Management Consulting.