Søren Staugaard Nielsen

Managing Director - Ramboll Foundation

T: +45 5161 7886
M: +45 5161 7886

In celebration of the Ramboll Foundation’s 50-year anniversary, the Ramboll Foundation has sponsored the development of a website that captures what is quintessentially Ramboll. We call it Threads because it offers insight into five chapters or threads in Ramboll’s history that – together – weave the unique Ramboll fabric. 

Together with the Ramboll Group, we invite you to explore Ramboll's history. The people, culture, and skills that have helped make the company what it is today: A successful company that helps drive sustainable change for clients, partners, and society. 

Visit the Threads website.

For the benefit of employees and society
Half a century ago, Børge Ramboll, Johan Hannemann and three other partners in the company transferred ownership of Ramboll to a foundation, with the purpose of ensuring the perpetual existence of Ramboll to the benefit of its employees and wider society. The existence of a certain set of Ramboll values was an important feature of the company then - and still is. 

It is essential for the Ramboll Foundation that current and future employees in Ramboll are aware and inspired by what came before them, regardless of whether the employee has been with the company throughout its journey, has just joined the past month, or aspires to join the company in the future.