Civil society plays a central role in creating a sustainable, innovative and solid development. That is why we support development projects which – with the involvement of the skill and knowledge of Ramboll employees – introduce new sustainable and technical solutions to local communities, and which build local capacity in operating and maintaining these solutions in a long-term perspective. We hereby wish to contribute to creating local communities where nature, people and society flourish.

2019: Namawukulu Footbridge

The World Bank estimates that nearly a billion people lack access to a road that is passable year-round. Ramboll UK has partnered up with the IABSE Foundation to send a team of five volunteers each to rural Uganda to build the first industry sponsored footbridge in the country. This stunning 70m long footbridge will bring transformative access to an entire isolated community in rural Uganda, ensuring that the 1,300 residents of Namawukulu are able to safely and reliably reach critical resources, even during the rainy season.

2019: Safe Water Access, Philippines

People on the remote islands of the Philippines lack access to safe drinking water and this project’s long-term purpose is to improve that access. The short-term main objective is to gather information through interviews, immersions, observations and research in order to understand their specific situation and need so the best possible solution is produced for them. The project’s goal is to produce an affordable, organic and easily maintained solution that generate safe drinking water. Luleå University of Technology will implement this project, where funding covers travel cost and materials.

2019: School and Hospital Programme

Building on the success of earlier school and healthcare projects implemented in Liberia by Engineers Without Borders (Sweden), the School and Hospital Programme will benefit first, Mavuno Chonyonyo Boarding School, where the extension will enable the students to graduate and qualify for university studies. Second, transferring the lessons learned from Mavuno School projects will improve water supply and sanitation, electrification and digitization to newly built or improved schools in remote parts of Liberia. Last, Mkula Healthy Hospital will be repeating the pioneering Kolandoto Healthy Hospital initiative at a second hospital. Donation: 633,000 DKK

2019: Clean water and education, Sierra Leone

Engineers Without Borders (DK), together with Ramboll experts, has finalized a long-term project in Nomo Faama in the Kenema District, involving a bore well, solar powered pump, water tower, and water distribution network. An important element in this phase of the project is co-ordination among the district and community stakeholders to further ensure proper use and maintenance of these facilities, and to build the capacity of local organization and communities.

2018: Equipment for school for the hearing impaired, Sri Lanka

Ramboll’s Humanitarian Association (Den Humanitære Forening), in cooperation with Terre des Hommes, has helped this school with procuring various and much needed equipment such as hearing aids, chairs, computers and sewing machines.

2018: Clean water for 400 orphans in Arusha, Tanzania

Ramboll’s Humanitarian Association (Den Humanitære Forening), in cooperation with Terre des Hommes, has now helped establishing a new water borehole at the school, giving access to clean water for a school of 400 orphans in Arusha, Tanzania. They have not had access to clean water before.

2018: Electricity and clean water for three schools in the Taplejung District, Nepal

The Danish NGO Human Practice Foundation, together with engineers from Ramboll Water, has developed a pilot model and a technical solution for providing access to clean water and electricity at schools in remote areas at high altitudes, solutions that can be duplicated to other schools. After a fact-finding mission, Ramboll also assists in project implementation with design review and inspection.