In order to strengthen the basis for creating viable and sustainable solutions for future challenges, we also support projects within higher education, which can help increase and diversify the interest in science, technology, engineering and design, and/or digitalisation. This shall in time ensure a development where even more young people choose a higher education within natural sciences, technology, engineering and design, and that society hereby gains a strengthened, qualified and diversified workforce within the areas of natural sciences and technology.

A few of the annual donations are described in more detail below. A full list of donations can be found in the right hand menu. 

2021: Inspiring the young

The Ramboll Foundation supports UNF, a Danish science NGO that promotes the interest of natural sciences among young people. Every year, UNF’s around 250 volunteers arranges inspiring and motivating events across the country and has done so since their foundation in 1944. In 2021, the organisation conducts 108 different events, conferences, science shows, lectures, industry visits, workshops and science camps, all giving young people knowledge and inspiration to become the natural scientists of the future.

2018: Green entrepreneurship - start NTNU, Norway

GrEN 2018 is a conference with the vision to encourage and inspire students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim to be innovative through focus on environmental issues. This year’s theme will be “smart cities” and how to use and benefit from what is normally considered a burden to the cities. One example would be how to make industrial waste a valuable resource, rather than a problem.


2018: Universitarium, Denmark

University College North Jutland, Tech College Aalborg, Aalborg University and Aalborg Municipality each year launches a new interactive exhibition in its “Universitarium”, with the purpose of raising the interest in science and craftmanship in children. The 2018 exhibition is about safety and security, from daily life in the home to the public sphere, traffic safety, natural disasters, etc.