Research, Studies and education

Washington State University: Deploying a Smart Exposure Information System: A Longitudinal Analysis of Air Quality, Children’s Health, and School Absenteeism in Spokane, Washington, US, 737,104 DKK

Ramboll Italy S.r.l.: Definition of Protection Standards to Reduce the Risk of Environmental Damage – Research and National Awareness Campaign, 103,682 DKK

Statistics Denmark: Baseline for the Sustainable Development Goals, Denmark, 1,000,000 DKK

Ramboll Group A/S: Cultural Exchange Program to cover travel costs for selected US employees to participate in a detailed official introduction to the Fundamentals of Ramboll and the Nordic Heritage, 1,250,000 DKK

Technical University of Denmark H.C. Ørsted 2020 – 200th anniversary of the discovery of electromagnetis, 500,000 DKK

Ramboll Norway AS: SEREND!CiTY Empowering People in Smart Sustainable Cities. With NTNU, other reseach institutions and numerous private sector companyies, 1,250,000 DKK

University of Southern Denmark, Technical Faculty: Diversity in STEM: More women at SDU’s technical faculty, 154,400 DKK

Ramboll Denmark A/S: Development of new constructive regulations for Eurocode for concrete works, 75,000 DKK

Ramboll Finland Oy: Digitalization enabled productivity leap in infrastructure sector. With Tampere University, 224,880 DKK

Ramboll Denmark A/S: PhD: Recycling of sewage sludge ash residue as cement in concrete. With DTU – Technical University of Denmark, 280,000 DKK

Ramboll Denmark A/S: PhD: A novel node design using high strength steel for JACKet structures (HiJack). With University of Southern Denmark, 440,000 DKK

Ramboll Norway AS: PhD: Adaptive and Intelligent Robots and Embedded Systems (AIRES). With University of Oslo, Department of Informatics, Norway, 761,156 DKK

University of Southern Denmark: PhD: Development of a more reliable method for calculating the Shear Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beams. With DTU – Technical University of Denmark, 253,000 DKK

Technical University of Denmark: PhD: Testing material behaviour during extreme impacts. With DTU – Technical University of Denmark, 230,000 DKK

Ramboll Denmark A/S: PhD: Quantification of duration and effect of sources of pesticides to the groundwater resource. With DTU – Technical University of Denmark, 306,000 DKK

Ramboll Management Consulting A/S: PhD: Micro econometric modelling of behaviour in the energy sector. With CSEI -Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure, 1,200,000 DKK

Ramboll Norway AS: PhD: Biometrics of architecture. With Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 637,500 DKK

Ramboll Finland Oy: PhD: Hygrothermal behaviour of highly insulated structures. With Aalto University, Finland, 118,200 DKK

Ramboll UK: PhD: Development of Models for the Dynamic Analysis of Floating Bridges. With Tecnico Lisbon, University of Lisbon, Portugal and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 845,000 DKK

Ramboll Norway AS: PhD: Management of open innovation in the public sector. With DTU – Technical University of Denmark, 425,000 DKK

Support to non-profit organisations or charity

Danish Youth Association of Science: Support to spreading the knowledge of natural sciences among youngsters, 50,000 DKK

Engineers Without Borders, Sweden: School and Hospital Programme, Tanzania, 643,982 DKK

Bridges to Prosperity: Creating Safe Connection for Rwamamara, Rwanda, 290,893 DKK

Luleå University of Technology: Access Safe Water; Project for safe drinking water access on the Philippines, 50,920 DKK

Ramboll’s Humanitarian Association: Donation to orphanages in India and Kenya, 15,000 DKK

Ramboll UK Ltd.: Sustainable and earthquake-resistant housing in Indonesia, 75,203 DKK

Engineers without Borders – Washington University Chapter: Bulubandi School Sanitation Project, Iganga, 99,671 DKK

100 % for the Children Fact finding mission: Establishment of a government approved primary school in Ghana, 70,648 DKK

Foundation Friends of Haydom: Rehabilitation of basic water and electric supply to Haydom Lutheran Hospital, Manyara region, Tanzania, 332,909 DKK

Engineers Without Borders, Denmark: Climate resilience and development activities in Sierra Leone, 516,100 DKK

SOS Children’s Villages Improving health in Tumbatu Island, Zanzibar – water, sanitation and hygiene, 956,165 DKK

UNLEASH Strategic partnership: UNLEASH is a global innovation lab NGO, which gathers 1,000 talents annually to collaborate on the SDGs., 1,000,000 DKK

World Green Building Council: Advancing Net Zero Asia – Action on Embodied Carbon, 468,321 DKK

Ramboll Denmark A/S: Climate Action Readiness Study in relation to C40 Mayors’ Summit in Copenhagen – Partnership with C40 and Key Cities*, 500,000 DKK

Ramboll Denmark A/S: Production of e-fuel and CO2 neutral waste incineration in Greenland, 330,000 DKK