Research, Studies and education

Danish Center for Architecture (DAC): SDG11 Dashboard, DKK 1,000,000

Martin Kielland: Life Beneath the Surface, photo exhibition on marine life, DKK 4000

Start NTNU Norway: Green Entrepreneurship, conference with the vision to encourage and inspire students to be innovative, DKK 39, 264

Rambøll Danmark A/S: PhD Explosion loads of glass in facades, DKK 567, 628

Rambøll Norge AS: New centre for fire research, Norway (five-year period), DKK 790,359

DTU Space: Upgrading and automaization of geomagnetic observations, DKK100,000

Rambøll Denmark A/S: PhD: Liveability in the Built Environment – Ramboll & CBS Partnership, DKK 485,000

Copenhagen Business School: Support for Copenhagen School of Energy Infrasctructure (CSEI) (five-year-period), DKK 2,236,978

Rambøll Denmark A/S: PhD Acustic Virtual Reality in building design, DKK 419,733

Rambøll Denmark A/S: PhD Determination of wind load on high rise buildings using CFD, DKK 300,000

Rambøll Denmark A/S: PhD Integrated numerical solution for ULS – and SLS-analysis of reinforced concrete structures, DKK 610,000

ATV – Danish Academy of Technical Sciences: ATV Science & Engineering Project, Phase II, DKK 250,000

UNLEASH: UNLEASH Innovation Lab, DKK 1,000,000

Support to non-profit organisations or charity

Aalborg Universitarium/ Aalborg Science Center: Support for the campaign “Watch Out”, promoting natural sciences to school children, DKK 100,000

Municipality of Aarhus: Next Generation Smart City at Internet Week Denmark, DKK 50,000

Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Germany: PhD on Generative approaches to digital terrain modelling, DKK 755,710

Danish Fashion Institute: The Innovations Forum – Bringing sustainable solutions and the production of clothing together, DKK 750,000

Ramboll’s Humanitarian Association: Hearing aids and other equipment for school for the hearing impaired on Sri Lanka, DKK 45,000

Ramboll’s Humanitarian Association: Sanitation improvements at school in Arusha, Tanzania, DKK 60,000

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group: The Benefits and Avoided Damages of Adapting to Extreme Heat, DKK 1,000,000

Ramboll Environ Singapore Pte. Ltd: Participation in ULEASH Singapore, DKK 8,166

DTU Byg: The Mystery of Salt Weathering – a challenge for the consultants, DKK 200,000

SOS Children’s Villages: Securing homes in health in SOS children’s village Zanzibar (with EWB), DKK 134,834

Rambøll Denmark A/S: Hannemann’s Park, DKK 600,000

Human Practice Foundation: Electricity and clean water at three schools in the Taplejung district of Nepal, DKK 1, 128,361

Engineers Without Borders (EWB), DK: Access to water, sanitation and sustainable energy for young person with disabilities in Kenema, Sierra Leone, DKK 494,413

Ramboll Sweden AB & Red Cross: Scaling-up safe drinking-water supply in refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, DKK 844,274

Filmbureauet Aps: Day Zero #1, film on importance of water, filmed in Cape Town in South Africa, DKK 325,000

Ramboll UK ltd.: Structural design support for Kibuye Eye Hospital, Burundi, DKK 59,102

Hagesund Rotifunk, Norway: Solar energy for Hatfield Archer Memorial Hospital in Rotifunk, Sierra Leone (with EWB (N), DKK 330,000