Research, studies and education 

Ramboll Sweden: European R&D project, ‘Prolonging lifetime of old stell and stell-concrete bridges’, DKK 314,329

UNLEASH: SPIRE 17 event to meet the 17 sustainability goals of the UN, DKK 1,000,000

Ramboll Denmark: Industrial PhD – Aerodynamic Stability of Long-Span Bridges, DKK 662,448

UNESCO Centre/Aalborg University: Investigation of Danish and foreign engineers’ experience with the transition from studies to the Danish labour market, DKK 100,000

Johns Hopkins University: Nordic Ways Projets, SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations, DKK 396,954

DTU: Digitalisation, storage and investigation of historic pictures of bridges phase 3 of ‘BRO-X Project, the art of building a bridge’, DKK 100,000

ATV: Science and Engineering Project, DKK 500,000

BYENSdesign KØBENHAVN: Reproduction and erection of selected urban space elements, DKK 500,000

Danish Association of Architects: Resilient Cities through Culture – Student summer school at the UIA congress in Seoul, South Korea 2017, DKK 300,000

Dartmouth College: Americanizing Hot Water Technology, DKK 500,000

Support to non-profit organisations or charity 

Hannemann’s Park: Hannemann’s Park (Reserved, awaiting specified budget), DKK 2,500,000

Afri-Link: Donation to biogas project in Cameroun, DKK 286,485

EWB Denmark (IUG): Wash Program Sierra Leone, DKK 484,200

EWB Sweden: 3 projects: Mavuno, Kolandtoto Healthy Hospital (phase 3) and ECONEF Orphanage toilet- and grey water system, DKK 380,251

EWB Norway: Solar power to Hatfield Archer Memorial Hospital, DKK 608,000

Ramboll Denmark: Inspections of public buildings after the Amatrice earthquake in Italy, DKK 2,000