Engineers without Borders in the UK for financing of volunteer work placements in several African countries, incl. local technical courses and workshops: DKK 500,000

ActionAid Bangladesh – flood relief shelters: DKK 280,709

Engineers without Borders in Denmark for financing of a village water supply project in Kenya, development of a health clinic in Togo, and a waste handling project in Liberia: DKK 508,118

Amnesty International. The funds collected will be used in efforts across several countries to provide justice to people who experience adverse impacts on human rights e.g. discrimination due to their sex, nationality, race or sexuality, or are punished for exercising freedom of speech: DKK 100,820

’Danmarks indsamlingen’, the Danish broadcasting company, DR’s, annual charity telethon, where 12 of Denmark’s largest humanitarian organisations collected funds for projects supporting refugee children in Africa: DKK 250,000