Our Legacy

Building the Future on a Strong Legacy

When Ramboll was founded in 1945 Børge Johannes Rambøll and Johan Georg Hannemann had a clear vision for how a responsible company should act. It was their true wish to ensure a long term existence of the company for the benefit of the Ramboll employees and the society around. Their thinking was later expressed in the Ramboll Philosophy from 1986, which can be found in the Archive.

Since then the company has grown from a few employees that could sit around a table, discuss and take key decisions, to a company with more than 300 offices in 35 countries and more than 13,000 employees spread across the world. In this transition it is important to be explicit about the beliefs that Ramboll is built upon. The Ramboll Foundation truly believes that the company culture and heritage should be cherished, nourished and spread throughout Ramboll.

For this reason the Ramboll Foundation launched  ‘Our Legacy’ in 2016 which is clearly linked to the ‘Ramboll Philosophy’ . ‘Our Legacy’ describes Ramboll’s heritage, beliefs and ideals.

‘Our Legacy’ outlines four areas:

  • We behave decently and responsibly
  • Our employees are our strength
  • We are an active member of society
  • Excellence and insight are our hallmarks

Listen to Børge Rambøll speak about the ‘Ramboll Philosophy’ and his thoughts