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Senior Group Director, Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

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Last year, former Ramboll CEO Flemming Bligaard Pedersen stepped down as chair for the Ramboll Foundation. To honour Flemming’s accomplishments in his 44 years of serving Ramboll and the Ramboll Foundation, the Ramboll Foundation created a 65,000 Euros award for an outstanding early-career researcher, whose work represents extraordinary contributions to sustainable development. 

This year, the Ramboll Foundation is looking for research contributors to the green transition in the energy sector. 

“In Ramboll, we support the energy sector in its transition from fossil fuels to renewables and in making systems, technologies and processes more efficient. The transition to net-zero carbon emissions is possible, but it will require rethinking the energy system and technological development. That is why I applaud the Ramboll Foundation’s decision to have the Flemming Bligaard Award support the green transition”, say Michael Simmelsgaard, Executive Board Group Chief Operating Officer.

Uncovering new knowledge

The motivation behind the Flemming Bligaard Award is to uncover new knowledge with emphasis on bright ideas, and applicable sustainable solutions providing knowledge to people and society. 

Last year’s winner, Colin Rose, is doing research aiming to replace concrete and steel with a new mass timber product called cross-laminated secondary timber (CLST) made out of reclaimed wood in layers, like scaled-up plywood. The use of CLST helps reduce CO2 emissions, as the timber contains less than half the embodied carbon of concrete and when sequestration is considered, timber has a carbon-negative impact. 

Read more about Colin’s research.

How to apply 

The award funds will be going to a researcher working with green transition in the energy sector. The application deadline is 20 September 2021. 
For further information on requirements and how to apply, please read more about the Flemming Bligaard Award.