Ramboll employee with headphones

The Foundation’s profit for 2020 amounted to DKK 109 million, compared to DKK 198 million in 2019. Earnings before financial income and expenses amounted to DKK 120 million. Return on capital employed was 4.3% compared to 5.7% last year. On 31 December 2020, the equity amounted to DKK 2,683 million compared to DKK 2,799 million last year.

Giving back to society

Every year, the Foundation supports society in three different areas as defined in the Foundation Charter.

  • Research and education
  • Humanitarian and civil society
  • Employees and their families in difficult situation

In 2020, the Foundation donated a total of 13.3 MDKK to 41 projects. These included 8 PhD projects, and 18 humanitarian projects all over the world.

Uncovering new knowledge

In November 2020, the Foundation handed out the first-ever Flemming Bligaard Award to support early career researchers working with sustainable solutions. The ambition behind the award is to uncover new knowledge with emphasis on bright ideas, and applicable sustainable solutions providing knowledge to people and society. The 2020 Award was given to Dr Colin M. Rose in support of his research in secondary timber.

In 2021, the Award will go to an early career researcher working with green transition in the energy sector. The Foundation expects to call for applications with a short time.

You can find the Annual Report HERE.

Foundation for a global change

2020 saw the birth of the Foundation Advisory Forum. 32 employees from across Ramboll will meet once a year with the Ramboll Foundation to strengthen the exchange between employees and Foundation.

The Forum has as its purpose to enhance the international aspects of the active stewardship, while maintaining a Nordic legacy and to enhance the Foundation’s understanding of employees’ mindset and culture across geographies.