The Ramboll Foundation Board

Members of the Ramboll Foundation board will work to ensure that the Ramboll Group A/S and its affiliated and associated companies behave in an ethical, responsible and socially-minded manner to earn the respect and trust of customers and business partners and to increase satisfaction amongst employees.

Members of the Ramboll Foundation board

Robert Arpe

Chairman of the Ramboll Foundation, Senior Consultant and former Managing Director for Ramboll Denmark and Ramboll UK

Neel Strøbæk

Deputy Chairman of the Ramboll Foundation Senior Group Director, Sustainability & CR, Ramboll Group

Bjørn Tore Landsem

Director, Buildings, Ramboll Norway

Charlotte Moltved Ankerstjerne

Communication Senior Consultant, REH Global Management. Elected by employees

Jakob Strømann-Andersen

Partner, Research & Sustainability, Henning Larsen Architects. Elected by employees

Mette Søs Lassesen

Europe Director, Environment & Health

Mia Wagner Kastrup

Civil Engineer, Bridges, Ramboll Denmark. Elected by employees

Mikko Leppänen

Technical Director, Ramboll Finland

Mogens Gunhard Nielsen

Senior Chief Consultant, Ramboll Energy, Elected by employees

Sanna Turina

Division Director, Buildings, Ramboll Sweden

Thomas Rand

Former Managing Director for Energy