Foundation Advisory Forum

The Foundation Advisory Forum (FAF) is an engagement initiative launched by the Foundation. The forum consists of up to 50 appointed non-executive employees from Ramboll’s global country and market business units.

The Foundation sees the FAF as a sounding board for discussions about the Ramboll values, and how we can all find inspiration in Ramboll’s rich legacy. This will give the Foundation Board valuable insights from the diverse cultural backgrounds represented among the Ramboll employees. Furthermore, the FAF members will act as ambassadors for the Foundation and the Ramboll values in their day-to-day work in the company.

In November 2021, the FAF and the Foundation Board met for the first time in the Ramboll Head Office in Copenhagen for a two-day workshop with discussions on the theme of “connecting cultures”. The donation policy applied to the Foundation’s philanthropic donations was thoroughly discussed, and the Foundation Board received valuable input.

The FAF will meet twice annually in the coming years, and we expect the forum to remain a valuable avenue of engagement between the Foundation and the employees of Ramboll.